Saturday, April 17, 2010

MISD/McKinney Velo High School Team News

Led by 2nd year team member Justin Hicks (pictured at left), the McKinney High School team sponsored by McKinney Velo has quietly put together a strong high school race season. Justin won the Men’s B road race and finished 2nd in the TT at the most recent high school event – the Baylor race weekend, on his way to 1st in the GC! Justin’s friend Austin McCown became his teammate at Baylor and with a strong 3rd in the TT, Austin finished 5th on GC. As a result, the McKinney Boy’s team is 3rd in the B season standings and 5th in the overall Boy’s standings. Other McKinney High/McKinney Velo boy’s team members are Brett Fene and Zachary Koeppe.

The McKinney/MV Girls (Christina Koeppe and Jennifer Garcia) are 3rd in the Girl’s season standings. Combined, McKinney High/MV sits 4th overall... quite an impressive showing for such a young and inexperienced team – the very unofficial and not widely publicized word is that a couple of the McKinney High team members would be eligible for a McKinney middle school team. Congratulations to all our high school/juniors team members for your successes and for representing your schools, your city and MV so well! Congratulations are also owed to the men who head up the MV/MISD program - Johnny White Shoes Moore, his assistant Big Patrick P T Cruiser Boxer Burke and our MISD team/club sponsor Mark ‘baby’ Bayer (hey, he volunteered his nickname... just sayin’).

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