Sunday, July 3, 2011

MV Congrats & Condolences

Congratulations to MV members:

- Justin Hicks on a great junior profile in the July issue of the Racing Post:;

- Jake the Snake Wood for his win last Tuesday in the 'C' race; a much deserved victory after the Snake lost a chance to win about a month ago when he flatted out of a two man break that had a huge lead, and then came back a week later to lead out the Hammer for the Hammer's 1st W;

- Larry 'Blue' Price for beating all the 50+ old dudes (and almost everyone else) at Ginny King's Fair Park Crit Saturday 7/02;

- the MV 40+ team for the clinic it put on: (1) at the Fair Park Crits with Patrick 'Bling' Burke winning from a 2 man break; Rocket Richie Miller taking advantage of a huge effort from Blue and Johnny 'White Shoes" Moore to bridge him up to a chase with Brownie and Brad 'Seabass' Price by attacking through that group and taking 3rd in a solo effort, and to Brownie and 'Bass for knocking out 4th and 5th. That's right, MV took places 1, 3, 4, and 5; and (2) at the Mountain Creek Parkway Crits on 7/03 where strong work by Blue, Jeff Fene, Brad and Patrick led to another win for Bling and another 5th for the Seabass; and

- to the Chosen One, Clay Hobson, for his 4th in the 3/4 race at Fair Park and his WIN today in the 3/4 at Mountain Creek!

Finally, condolences to our road team leader, Steve 'Oz' Weber, on the untimely demise of his Specialized frame... she was strong and true and faithful, but some foes just can't be beaten; and concrete is one of those foes.