Friday, January 29, 2010

MVC sat ride -- 1/30/10

Due to possible icy roads in the a.m., our Saturday ride will start at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, January 30, 2010. Sunday’s ride will roll at 1:00 as usual.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wed Nite Round Up

Small group, but great weather and a great workout! First, the McKinney Police had to thoroughly secure the perimeter for us while protecting our community from a Cooper Clinic member who went Britney in the ladies locker room. But then, we put in 5 solid sprint interval efforts while rolling around until 7:30. As the Great Oz noted, Wed Nites are a great opportunity for MVC team fellowship, work on team cohesion, and a damn hell hard leg speed/power work out.

Come join the fun next week.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ride Notes and News

Saturday and Sunday MVC Rides -- Be advised that: (1) (as always) we roll neutral until we turn off Lawn Meadow onto FM 2933; and (2) we now turn left onto FM 2933 and head toward Squeezepenney on both Saturday and Sunday -- updated maps will be provided soon, but just after the Squeezepenny sign, turn right onto CR 341, follow it to CR 409 where we turn right again and then rejoin the old route on FM 1827 just to the east of the church.

Wed Nite sprint workouts at Craig Ranch (by the Cooper Clinic) officially start next Wednesday February 3, 2010. The riding starts at 6:00 but we do a loop (counter clockwise) so come when you can and join in when you're warm and ready. Bring your legs and as many lights as you need to feel comfortable... part of the course is reasonable well lighted, but parts are dark. Official start date aside, the Seabass is going to get a jump on the fun and be out there tomorrow night, 2/27/10... and I plan to join him. Come too if you think you're ready for fun, 'Bass style...!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Kits; First Win!

MVC's new kits arrived Friday; MVC's first win of 2010 arrived Saturday.

Mike 'Brownie' Brown took the 40+ win at Copperas Cove Saturday 1/23 over 2009 Masters road champion Kurt Bickel. Brownie received much needed support in a 10 man break from Chris Powers who went on to nab 4th place in a photo finish from another Joe's Pro Bikes racer. The question is -- what looked better, the new kits or the W?

Nice job boys!!

Results here:

Powers photo finish here:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MVC RIDES 1/17 & 1/18

RIDE ADVISARY: On Sunday January 17, we will do our usual Sunday route at 8:30 am instead of our usual 1:00 pm start-- It is after all the NFL's best playoff weekend, and the Cowboys play at noon.

McKinney Velo will also have an MLK day ride beginning Monday at 8:30 am from the usual start location-- Starbucks at Hardin & Eldorado.

Please join us if you can; all riders are welcome.