Saturday, August 22, 2009

McKinney Velo's 1st Nat'l Champion!!!

Congratulations are in order -- Earlier today, Mina Pizzini finished 6th overall among the women, and WON her age group at the USAT National Championships!! We're so proud [dabbing tear from eye...]

2009 USAT Age Group National Championship ResultsUSA Triathlon August 22, 2009

Top 10 Male Overall
Name Hometown State Age Group Age Gender Time
Joe Maloy Brighton MA M20-24 24 M 1:57:23
Sean Jefferson Palm Beach Gardens FL M25-29 27 M 1:57:35
Devon Palmer Saint Paul MN M20-24 22 M 1:58:43
Parker Roth Spartanburg SC M25-29 29 M 1:59:25
Mark Harms Madison WI M30-34 34 M 1:59:32
Rusty Pruden Kirkland WA M25-29 26 M 1:59:38
Samuel Morgan Atlanta GA M25-29 26 M 1:59:39
Nathan White Des Moines IA M25-29 26 M 2:00:00
Samuel Hauck Omaha NE M25-29 25 M 2:00:06
Doug Clark Morristown NJ M40-44 41 M 2:00:09

Top 10 Female Overall
Name Hometown State Age Group Age Gender Time
Kaitlin Shiver Satellite Beach FL F20-24 20 F 2:08:13
Lindsay Woodward Gainesville FL F20-24 24 F 2:10:19
Cathy Yndestad Apple Valley MN F30-34 31 F 2:13:39
Alicia Parr Durham NC F35-39 39 F 2:14:00
Bethany Handley Oklahoma City OK F25-29 28 F 2:14:14
Mina Pizzini Dallas TX F40-44 42 F 2:14:45
Linda Robb Juno Beach FL F45-49 45 F 2:15:00
Lindsey Whalen Chicago IL F25-29 28 F 2:15:09
Haley Chura Smyrna GA F20-24 24 F 2:15:09
Tami Ritchie Ankeny IA F25-29 26 F 2:15:26

Age Group Top Finishers

1. Mina Pizzini (Dallas TX) 2:14:45

2. Peggy Yetman (Beaumont TX) 2:18:56
3. Barbara Sherwood (Salt Lake City UT) 2:23:24

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sad days in McKinney and Austin


North Texas Multisport triathlete Jonathan Wells of McKinney passed away on Sunday August 9 from a heart attack. He was 52. NTM was kind enough to include some McV members in a memorial ride last Sunday. NTM is making a donation to the American Heart Association in honor of Jonathon. If you would like to make a donation in his name too, go here:


The Texas racing community suffered a shocking and tragic loss when Kevin Underhill died from head injuries he sustained in a crash while racing in the Thursday night racing series held in Austin at the Driveway. Our condolences go out to Kevin's family and friends. As a small gesture in remembrance of Kevin, we wanted to share some words from his sister [originally posted on the TxBRA forum]:

"Sadly my brother Kevin did not survive his injuries. Kevin's organs have been donated and will bless 9 people with the gift of life something that will continue what he did best, helping others. Our family and Lisa have appreciated your thoughts and prayers and wonderful stories of how he has blessed your life. Thank you to those of you who came to the hospital to share your stories and memories and hugs. There is no fault in this accident it was just a tragedy. Kevin loved every minute he was biking or climbing and it was so excited to be trying something that would challenge him. He died doing what he loved and he would not want anyone to feel that they were at fault. He loved his friends and treasured them. Just hug and appreciate your family and friends a lot more.
God Bless you all,
Carla Underhill Norris"

For more about Kevin, I encourage you read this:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wed Nite Ride Recap

Great Wed Nite ride... 24 riders total riders participated, and 18 of them were in the orange and blue. The group included some Wed Nite first timers both from outside McV (Tim Kolb and Stephan Terrill; glad you could make it and we hope you come back) and from within McV (high schooler Justin Hicks, Ginny King, Matt Pond and McV's newest member Chris Powers - welcome to McV Chris!) With Duece, Bling, Oz and Powers preparing for the P 1,2 100 miler at HHH, the pace was strong. After Raintree and I got popped on CR 500 right around the halfway mark, the lead group was down to 9... and I'm told that the efforts of CP and Bling ultimately shed 2 more. Ultimately, CP, Bling and Oz fought it out at the Wed Nite sprint line... and FYI, that would be the '09 Wed Nite line near Lawn Meadow and not the old school Wed Nite at the New Hope city limits sign where we finish things off on Sat and Sun.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

McV representing at the 8/11 TNC A Race...

Excellent A Race for McV at the TNC's last night. Timmy TB makes the 1st key break. Junior follows the wheels that bridge to that break to be sure McV is properly erpresented. Then Timmy TB makes the counter break that formed after the field came back together under the efforts of Matrix (which didn't have anybody in what at one time was about a 15 man lead group! Can you say asleep at the wheels?) That break stuck and Timmy TB took 4th overall. Oz then led out Junior who took the field sprint over CrOzzy(!) while Oz still held on for 7th...

A Race

Racer Place Team

Nick Kiernan 1 Texas Tough

Max Miley 2 Matrix

Gary Glanger 3 Park Place

Tim Burke 4 McKinney Velo

Luke Germann 5 McKinney Velo

CrOzzy 6 Texas Tough

Stephen Weber 7 McKinney Velo

Phillip Snodgrass 8 Metro VW

Chris Carlson 9 Matrix

Troy Owens 10 GS Tenzing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot Rocks/Rockwall

Nice job Saturday at Hot Rocks by Ginny King -- 3rd in the women's race, and Patrick 'Bling' Burke who took a hard fought 4th in the Men's race with help from Brad 'Bass Price, Steve 'Oz' Weber and Tim 'Timmy' 'TB' 'Tonto' Burke.

Great result Sunday in the 3s race for Shane 'Shaggy' Haga who took a solo win after Luke 'Junior' Germann softened the field by getting in a 3 man break that lasted some 10 laps. From there, Jeff 'Radio' Steinman helped launch Shaggy's winning move. Marco 'Polo' Corsi, Walt 'Disney' Megura and Steve Borski also get assists:

Men 3.

1 Shane Haga McKinney Velo
2 Jeffrey Bauer Matrix/RBM
3 Richard Lamb
4 Luke Germann McKinney Velo
5 Steve Minnerly PACC
6 Kyle Sigl Broken Films Racing
7 David McGaffin Rockwall Cycling
8 Jeff Steinman McKinney Velo
9 Marco Corsi McKinney Velo

10 Jesus Chaparro
11 Mark Moeller GS Tenzing
12 Stephen Borski Mckinney Velo
13 Jeffery Scherer
14 Bert Cross Iii Team Hotel San Jose/
15 Walter Megura McKinney Velo
16 C.alex Castaneda matrix cycling club
17 Jared Reynoso Matrix/RBM
18 Daniel Fontenot PACC
19 Jeffrey Townes Alliance Environmental
20 Bryan Perkins McKinney Velo
21 Ken Smith
22 Les Stark GS Tenzing
23 Matt Tynan GS Tenzing

In addition to their fine efforts in the Saturday RR, Bling and TB also managed top 10 finishes in windy, hot and humid conditions Sunday:

Mens P123.

1 Heath Blackgrove Team Hotel San Jose
2 Bret Crosby TX TOUGH Cycling
3 Cody Foster
4 Austin Stewart GS Tenzing
5 Richard Lamb
6 Timothy Burke Mckinney Velo
7 Chris Powers AT&T
8 Jonathan Sunolt
9 Patrick Burke Mckinney Velo
10 Edgar Ibarra SSP, inc
11 Nick Kiernan TX TOUGH Cycling
12 John Trujillo
13 Jed Rogers TOYOTA / Cycling Team p/b GCCA
14 Leo Frayre
15 Joseph Lafico TOYOTA / CYCLING TEAM p/b GCCA
16 David McGaffin Rockwall Cycling
17 Steen Rose Solar Eclipse
18 Gary Glanger
19 Jason Davis
20 James Lawrence Matrix/RBM
21 Joey Spragins Rockwall Cycling
22 Bill Short
23 Robb Bush Colavita/Cooking Light/Texas
24 Stephen Weber McKinney Velo
25 Estephen Sanchez
26 Steve Stewart Colonel's Army
27 John McAllister Velossimo Racing presented by Jack and Adam's Bicycles
28 Jack Marsh Rockwall Cycling
29 Michael Kincaid TX TOUGH Cycling
30 Bert Cross Iii Team Hotel San Jose/

Finally, nice job by Michael 'Hammer' Caney (10th in the 4s) and Michael Winders for 6th in the 5s.

Another MVC State Champion!!

Congratulations to McV's newest state champion, Mina Pizzini -- Women's Cat 1,2 State ITT Champ in a fantastic 0:58:07!!!

Cat 1/2
Place Time Finish Start TOD Bib# Last First Team Cat/Class USAC Lic Race Age
1 0:58:07 3:28:37 2:30:30 9:30:30 211 Pizzini Mina McKinney Velo Cat 1/2 Women 101676 42
2 1:00:01 3:32:01 2:32:00 9:32:00 214 Beaudet Annick Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling Cat 1/2 Women 222232 40
3 1:00:02 3:31:02 2:31:00 9:31:00 212 Wolfe Christina Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling Cat 1/2 Women 246079 34
4 1:01:47 3:34:17 2:32:30 9:32:30 215 Willhite Jenny Team Solar Eclipse Cat 1/2 Women 188342 30
5 1:02:20 3:32:20 2:30:00 9:30:00 210 Cunningham Rheannon Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling Cat 1/2 Women 252159 32
6 1:07:09 3:38:39 2:31:30 9:31:30 213 Rothe Sheri Austin Flyers Cat 1/2 Women 2

Safe Passing Bill Petition

McKinney Velo:

Please sign this petition and show your support for the Safe Passing Bill!,com_philaform/form_id,32/Itemid,1/

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A must read about McV team hero Jens Voight:

For those who are time pressed, here is the essential text:

"What Would Jens Do?"

Break the back of the peloton.

Dig deep in his suitcase of courage.

Put _____ in a spot of trouble.

All of the above.