Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Official MVC "Off-Season" Notice

EDICT: MVC recognizes the period between October 15 and January 15 (Sunday January 17, 2010 this time) as the "off-season." As such, our regularly scheduled Saturday(8:00 a.m.) and Sunday (1:00 p.m.) rides will be ridden at we like to call a "social" pace. It's a pace that's perfect for base miles, for small ring, high cadence leg work, and for anyone and everyone to sneak a turn in a paceline and to get comfortable with that essential element of road racing. These off-season rides are a great opportunity for MVC members and friends at all fitness levels to come out for fellowship and to sharpen your pack riding skills. See you on the road.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stepler Conquers Kona

Joan Stepler flew the MVC Tri Team colors in Hawaii over the weekend as she competed in the Ford Ironman World Championships. Joan qualified for Kona by finishing 4th in her age group at the Ironman USA Lake Placid, and her effort in Kona was equally noteworthy. Here are her numbers:


Stepler, Joan 51/23/37 45/W45-49 01:36:28 06:09:50 05:30:13 13:27:41

Congratulations Joan on a race well swam/ridden/run. We can't wait to see you on the TV highlights in December!