Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ride Green, Ride Clean, Ride... as Hannah Montana!

Bike riding is environmentally friendly, so using a family bike rally to promote renewable energy makes perfect sense. Check out this event to be held at White Rock Lake on Halloween 2009... looks like a great opportunity to grab the kids, dial your pace below below 20+ mph and follow through on that promise to take the family out for a family ride:

Roll Beyond Coal Bike Rally/Saturday, October 31 - Come on out for a fun-filled event supporting renewable energy, green jobs, and clean air with a brighter energy future beyond coal! Bike the 9.4 mile route around White Rock Lake with your family and friends starting at The Bath House on 521 E. Lawther Drive in Dallas. Prizes to be given for the best Halloween and Clean Air costumes! Registration: 8:30 am. Bike ride: 10:30 am. Cost: Adults-$10.00. Students and children 12/over-$5.00. Children under12-Free. Sponsored by the Sierra Club. Pre-registration information and more details are available at www.dallassierraclub.org or call organizer Lori at 972-980-7176.

MVC's Wednesday ride schedule

Hey Internet --

During the days of daylight (and for a few early year months,under the lights of Craig Ranch) MVC holds a weekly Wednesday night ride. The daylights savings season (April through October) rides leave from McKinney High across from Town Lake in, where else, McKinney... as the days get longer, so do the rides. Links to the three routes used on Wednesday night are set out below. The usual start time is 6:00 p.m., although in April/May and September/October, the time is pushed earlier to either 5:45 or 5:30. Check the MVC web site calendar, MVC's Twitter page or here for specifcis. For example, on September 16, 2009, we will start at 5:45 and ride the medium route... late starters can effectively ride backwards to meet the group by simply staying on FM 2933 all the way toward FM 545, and if you haven't run into the pack by 545, turn left toward SH 121.

After October fades away, we will take a 2-ish month break before early January when we re-start the Wednesday night Craig Ranch "Under the Lights" sprint workouts pioneered so successfully last year by Oz and the 'Bass. More details as the time nears.

Here are links to the three Wednesday night routes we use:

Short route: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/tx/mckinney/new-hope-/903124275743443836

Medium route: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/tx/-mckinney/new-hope/658124275802157602

Long route: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/tx/-mckinney/new-hope/382124275936067642

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Texas Tough Grand Prix

People of the internet--

We invite you to join McKinney Velo as we enjoy the 2009 Texas Tough Grand Prix in Victory Park, Dallas TX -- a tremendous event that supports Children's Medical Center Hospital of Dallas. This non profit hospital that does not turn any child away writes off over $40 million per year to treat kids that are not insured or under-insured.

Spread the word, Professional Racing in Dallas Thursday Night, September 17, 2009. A FREE fun filled evening for all. Tell all your friends and family this event is going to be a big spectacle with plenty of fun activities on Victory Plaza for all ages.

check out the video.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MVC at Hotter n' Hell

MVC has over 20 arcers take part in one or moer of the races offered in the Falls last weekend during the HHH weekend. While some of outr guys had nice races, our women were oustanding.


W 1,2,3 Fri Crit:

1st Jennifer Purcell Team Hotel San Jose
2nd Lauren Robertson FCS Cycling Club
3rd Ginny King McKinney Velo Club
4th Kristen Andreasen Bikesport/ION
5th Rheannon Cunningham Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling

W 1,2,3 Sat RR:

1st Lauren Robertson FCS Cycling Club
2nd Ginny King McKinney Velo Club
3rd Mina Pizzini McKinney Velo Club

4th Rheannon Cunningham Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
5th Christine Newth Colavita Racing Inc.

W 1,2,3 Sun Crit:

1st Jennifer Purcell Team Hotel San Jose
2nd Ginny King McKinney Velo Club
3rd Lauren Robertson FCS Cycling Club
4th Rachel Byus Team Hotel San Jose
5th Rheannon Cunningham Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling

W 4 RR:

1st Regina Hancock Tom's Bicycles
2nd Donnette Spencer Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
3rd Barbara Rudolph Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
4th Monica Hyslop
5th Kim CHANCE
6th Rebecca Perkins McKinney Velo Club

M 1,2,3 RR:

1st Joshua Carter ABD Cycle Club
2nd Heath Blackgrove Team Hotel San Jose
3rd Russ Walker TX TOUGH Cycling
4th Mitchell Comardo Bike Barn (Texas)
5th Ian Dille Super Squadra


30th Christopher Powers McKinney Velo

33rd Patrick Burke McKinney Velo Club

35th Michael Brown McKinney Velo

40th Stephen Weber McKinney Velo Club

M Cat 3 RR:

1st justin rempel Bicycles of Tulsa
2nd Royce Strange GS Tenzing
3rd Mark Jansen Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
4th robert snedden Mirage
5th William Rader FCS Cycling Club
6th Matthew Fox RPM/Hayes Brake Cycling Team
7th Luke Germann McKinney Velo Club

M 40+ RR:

1st Richard Lamb Southern Elite
2nd Les Akins Oklahoma City Velo Club
3rd Jorge Merle Dallas Racing
4th Tom Lattig Mirage
5th Mario Velasco

11th Bryan Perkins McKinney Velo Club

15th Trevor Rigby McKinney Velo Club

24th Johnny Moore McKinney Velo Club
25th David Garrett McKinney Velo Club

M 35+ 4,5 RR:

1st Michael Braden Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
2nd Don Campbell Rockwall Cycling
3rd Polo Lopez Chain Reaction - San Antonio
4th Jerry Lewis
5th Patrick Mahan McKinney Velo Club

12th Nokki Choeynim McKinney Velo Club

19th Michael Winders McKinney Velo Club

Jr 4,5 RR:

1st Danny Parks GS Tenzing
2nd Noah Williams GS Tenzing
3rd Gonzalo Ramirez Tuneros Racing
4th Joshua Thresher Team Power Train
5th Hunter Stewart GS Tenzing

11th Justin Hicks McKinney Velo

M Cat 4 Sun Crit:

1st Tyler Matthies B & B Bicycles
2nd Redding Shelby Team Bicycles Inc.
3rd Imari Miller GS Tenzing
4th John Sieczkowski
5th Rodolfo Arredondo SSPI Inc.

22nd Justin Hicks McKiney Velo

M 40+ Crit:

1st Les Akins Oklahoma City Velo Club
2nd Jorge Merle Dallas Racing
3rd David Carl Jones
4th Rod Dittrick Bike Barn (Texas)
5th Trevor Rigby McKinney Velo Club
6th Brian Handal M7 Racing
7th Bryan Perkins McKinney Velo Club

Jr. 4/5:

1st Noah Williams GS Tenzing
2nd Imari Miller GS Tenzing
3rd Gonzalo Ramirez Tuneros Racing
4th Joshua Thresher Team Power Train
5th Danny Parks GS Tenzing

8th Justin Hicks McKinney Velo