Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to the MVC Blog!

In an effort to keep the MVC family more informed (and entertained), we've created The MVC Blog. We'll use it to post race reports, photos, event information, and anything else that may or may not pertain to bike racing.

So far we have the following content experts, but anybody can contribute. Just send me your Google ID and I'll add you to the list.

Bryan "Doc" Perkins
Old School Racing Stories, Amusing Anecdotes, Expert Music Reviews

Brad "Seabass" Price
Back Porch Country Witticisms and Politically Incorrect Social Commentary

Mitch "Deuce" Blackwell
Diet, Fitness & Training Advice (and maybe a few pics for the ladies....)

Steve "OZ" Weber
Run Through a Brick Wall Motivational Talks, baking tips.

The Brothers Burke
Go Fast, Look Fabulous!

Okay... I made most of those up, but you get the point!

Don't forget to use the "Subscribe" options in the right margin to get notified when new posts or comments are added.

Any and all ideas for content and usage will be greatly appreciated.