Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eavesdropping on the Webers...

An authentic transcript of a fake conversation between Julie and Steve (Oz) Weber and their daughter Olivia last Sunday [April 25] at the family farm:

Olivia: “So Mom (Julie), how did you and Mrs. Seabass [Olivia thinks the MV nicknames are ‘fun’] do at that Young Life Adventure Race in Lewisville yesterday?”

Julie: “We did very well Olivia... Ms. Lara (Price a/k/a Mrs. Seabass) and I won the Epic Adventure Female team race!”

Olivia: “Did you crush the competition like you usually do?”

Julie: “I don’t know if we crushed them. The 2nd place women only finished about 18 minutes behind us, and our time was only better than 12 of the 17 men’s teams that started.”

Olivia: “Wow Mom, and you had to run 3 or 4 miles, then paddle a canoe for about 30 minutes and then ride your mountain bike like 12 miles? You and Ms. Lara must be really fit. So Dad, how did you do in your old man’s bike race yesterday? You know, that race where all you had to do was pedal your bike around in circles on concrete.”

Steve (OZ): "It wasn't a circle, it was a technical 8 turn course."

Olivia: "Whatever... how did you do?"

OZ: “Pretty good, I was in a break almost the whole race and I finished 2nd!”

Olivia: “2nd [sigh]?!? You didn’t win this race either? Well if you didn’t win, then which teammate were you “helping” win this time?”

Oz: “No one; I was trying to win this race myself.”

Olivia: “ Daaaaaad, I thought we had this talk already. If you’re going to take the time to “chamois up” (whatever that means, although it sure sounds gross...), you may as well win!”

Taking the win every time she chamois up is becoming old hat for Julie Weber. Congratulations to her and semi-MV member Lara Price for their victory last weekend. And good luck to Julie as she goes for her 3rd straight weekend victory this Sunday at the McKinney Kiwanis Triathlon, and to all other MV triathletes who tackle the McKiwanis Tri.

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