Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Epic Saturday in Fayetteville!

On a day that will go down as one of the most epic in Texas racing history – torrential rain, hail, lightning, a 15+ degree temp drop down into the 40s and brought 40 mile hour winds to match the temperature – 5 McKinney Velo racers took the challenge and performed remarkably well quite well.

Steve Borski, racing solo in the 3s, rode a smart race. He was positioned near the head of the cat 3 field when the storm front blew through and split the filed in a serious cross wind. Steve made the lead group and ultimately battled to a 12th place finish; a result made all the more remarkable when you consider that only 41 out of 86 registered racers completed the stage.

In the Cat 2 field, McV’s Christopher Shane ‘Sammy’ Haga was where he needed to be when the key split happened. ‘Sammy’ made the decisive 10-man lead group before finishing a solid 6th. Unfortunately, the poor weather took its toll on Haga in the TT. Between worn out brake pads and a slick road, Haga couldn’t keep his bike upright in the TT turn around... after remounting, ‘Sammy’ spent the rest of the TT trying to limit his losses. Nevertheless, a fine effort on a brutal day.

Brutal is the only way to describe Marco ‘Polo’ ‘Kilojoules’ Corsi’s day in the 40+ field. Marco flatted once... each race - rear in the road race and the front in the TT. But on a day when so many racers packed it in early, if they lined up at all, Marco stuck it out and finished both stages. And it’s good that he did because he’ll be needed Sunday. Why? Because Chris ‘CP’ Powers is dead even atop the 40+ GC with Joe’s Pro Bikes Allen Abel after he beat Abel by 4 seconds to win the 40+ TT! CP put himself in position to pull event with Abel and to take the overall title with a ridiculous late race chase in the road race. About 10K out, CP suffered what so many others did today, a flat. After taking a rear wheel from the follow that didn’t match his components, CP chased back on riding in his 53/12, the only gear he had available where he took 9th. Up ahead of CP, Brownie (who ruined 2 tires today – and he didn’t suffer a flat!) was bagging 4th on the stage! Although CP finished 9th, with the benefit of 2 bonus seconds earned during the stage, CP began the TT in 4th, 8 seconds behind Mark Wiggans (who was late for his T start, thereby taking himself out of the running for the overall) and 4 behind Abel. CP reversed that deficit by the same time gap. So together with Marco and Brownie, CP will head into Sunday looking to gain 1 more second on Abel and the overall victory to go with it.

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